Who we are….. What we do?

Managed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals and supervised by a distinguished Sharia’ Board, Our Company is incorporated under the laws and regulations of Somalia. We are focused on delivering Sharia’ compliant and products insurance across Somalia. We in First Takaful and Retakaful(Islamic Insurance) aim to meet the high demand for Takaful products in Somalia by offering new Takaful/Retakaful solutions that provide outstanding cover and protection to our valued clients against the widest possible risks.



Co-operative Insurance (Takaful)

Insurance provided by the Company is based on cooperation and is governed by the Company's Memorandum and Articles of Association as the Company conducts its operation on the basis of co-operative insurance in accordance with Sharia’ Rules and Principles.


Accounts Separation

The Company maintains a distinct and separate account for its Policyholders' Account. This account is credited by the contributions paid by the Policyholders and returns of their investments and debited by claims, reinsurance contributions, the necessary provisions and reserves and the Wakala Fee.


Insurance Operations Surplus

The surplus arrived at (if any) will be distributed in all or partially to the Policyholders in proportion of the contribution paid by them in the manner decided by the Board of Directors and approved by the Sharia’ Supervisory Board.

More About Us


To develop into a leading innovative insurance company committed to the highest standards of Sharia' principles and to deliver effective insurance solutions with exceptional value whilst maintaining professional integrity at all times.



Be a provider of innovative Sharia’ compliant insurance solutions. Strive to adopt the best business practices that adhere to the highest ethical standards. Aim to be a trusted partner offering value added insurance products to customers and opportunities to shareholders. Build a spirit of team work in a professional business environment. Be a responsible Somali corporate citizen by contributing to social causes.


Our values are what we stand for. They are evident in the way we work, the people who work for us, the way we conduct our day-to- day business. Our values differentiate us from our peers. Values are not a set of words but an everyday practice in the way we think, the way we encourage and empower our people, the way we conduct business and the way we keep our promises.